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Web design trends in 2019 - 2020

In our previous article we discussed which web design elements should become a thing of the past in 2020. In this article we would like to talk about not only interface elements, but also about web design and web development trends as a whole, which are already very popular and should become even more popular next year. Let’s explore how modern web designers together with web developers are prepared to win users’ attention in 2020.

1. Minimalism

Minimalism has become really popular recently and it’s not going anywhere anytime soon – it enables web developers and web designers to achieve the key goal – to create a convenient and simplistic user experience. Let's not forget that in most cases the quality of the Internet is not so great and if your website is created to help people undertake specific tasks, it is better to focus on improving the quality of the UI, and not on some decorative dynamic elements. This is primarily applicable for financial institutions’, investment sites’, medical institutions’, etc. websites. Great example is Starship. Simple and convenient:

2. Typography - as a central element of design

It has become very obvious that many designers are striving to make typography as their central element of design, which in principle can be justified, since text is one of the main means of communication on the Internet. Text also gives a lot of space for creativity, especially when you need to deliver a lot of information in a conveniently creative way, like on the Stanley Kubrick’s website. Please make sure you check his website and look at all the interesting parallax effects he’s got there. Very creative, yet simple and convenient.

Another very interesting example can be found on dribble – a combination of typography with parallax effects. No wonder - it’s Kanye West & Adidas Promo Website.

3. Easy page scroll

Obviously, I am not talking about how difficult it is for you to physically drag the scrollbar, but how intuitively the website enables your eyesight to follow the flow of information on it. The design of the web page should have intuitive points, anchors that will lead your eyes on or off.

The usual solution is to create a single background space, where each next element will be combined with the previous one, picking up the bending of lines, etc. This approach is well demonstrated on the Dipsea website. Open it up and have a look at how easy it is to scroll their page and study its content. The whole website is created using one single style, the central element of which is the background.

Easy scrolling can also be achieved with the help of animation, when each subsequent element that the user sees appears after the previous one. Everything is in order, as in the following project - Lakes wealth Loch by Outcrowd:

4. Offset layout grid

This trend is freshly new and still needs some time to be adopted, but it can already be observed that lots of web designers and web developers are actively experimenting with the shift of layout grids, rather than using standard grids. See an example on below:

In our opinion, it turns out to be an interesting, non-standard approach that has the right to be on the list of ambitious web design trends for 2020. The main thing is that everything looks clear and the mobile responsive version of the website is not affected, so front-end developers can rest assured.

5. Animation

Not a surprise to many of you I believe is that animation is on this list too. It is surely an undeniably bright and eye-catching trend in web design in 2019 and surely will be transitioned into 2020 and maybe even further. If the animation is professional, then of course it will form a positive response from users. And we are here talking about animation, not as part of the parallax effect, but as a separately executed element.

But there are some drawbacks too - the large weight of the animation coupled with poor Internet can scare away users who do not want to wait long. The animation built into the site design makes sense when you are developing a demo promo page or a portfolio website, as, for example, Austin Mayer did it below. But then it’s better to embed a pre-loader on such a site, which will allow the page to first fully load all the necessary elements, and then show the content.

Another trend in web design, which is increasing in popularity that relates to animation is cinemograph:

Videos are on the run these days. With all the stories across social media becoming part of daily life, it is not uncommon to use videos in the world of web development and web design too, for example to showcase your work. In this regard, I like the site of the dreamlaser ( company, where thanks to interactive animation, a pre-loader was not needed to download the video.

6. Semi-flat design

This trend includes the dilution of the usual flat design for us with shadows, which creates additional volume, but does not violate the concept of minimalism. Personally, I quite like this one: Nike Promotion Ads - Parallax Effect.

7. Duplex colors

Another next big thing (which is already being used a lot) in 2020 is the use of only two colors in the design of the entire website, which makes it incredibly stylish. Check out this fashion by Giga Tamarashvili.

8. Vivid colors and their combinations

This trend was introduced in 2018, it still is trendy and has every chance of staying in the web design industry for a long time. Color solutions and their bold combinations, coupled with the psychological aspects of using certain shades, can form the necessary reaction among users, which will positively affect conversion, sales (if this is an online store), and generally the perception of the brand as a whole. Perfect example - clothes Shop by Yana:

9. Illustrations

You simply cannot know about them. They are literally everywhere and taking the Internet by storm, and we don’t see a single reason why would go away in 2020. This web design trend has come together in flat design and is increasingly gaining its space in the industry. It’s not just icons now, but also characters, backgrounds and full web pages’ designs. Look at this online taxi page template by Fidann Memmedli:

10. Photography and illustration

I would say the most interesting trend that is coming up right now and should definitely overtake the industry in 2020 is the combination of illustrations and photographs. Such photo will never go unnoticed, which means its use as a demonstration material in web design can be easily justified.  I bet this article "Illustration and Photography in Photoshop” will never leave you indifferent!