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  • Create a representative website for any of your activities;
  • Build an online store for your business;
  • Develop a web or mobile application for both iOS and Android;
  • Develop an MVP for your start-up;
  • Create a custom design for any of your digital projects (from logo to UX/UI).

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  • We guarantee high quality by providing a warranty with each delivered product;
  • We will consult you for free on any of your project ideas;
  • We deliver great customer service in order to build a long-lasting relationship with you;
  • We never over-promise and under-deliver;
  • We are always fully transparent with our project estimates;
  • We use modern / up-to-date tech-stack.

Who are we

We are developing digital future

Devopal is a global end-to-end IT solutions and service provider. The scope of our provided services includes Mobile Applications, Web Technology, Retail & E-commerce, as well as Internet Marketing Solutions. Here at Devopal we strive for perfection with our key mission being to provide our clients with the full scope of services to the best of our potential. We focus on added value and care about customer satisfaction, which we believe are the main two ingredients for any delivered project’s success.



Web Portal

Leakeye creators take private data security very seriously. And so do we. This is why we have decided to accept the challenge and help our client create a subscription-based database, enabling users to check whether their private data stored on the web has not been subject to intrusion. Stylish logo, slick custom design, and easy to navigate user experience. What else is needed to make the client happy?


The Makeup Lovers

E-commerce Website

Are you into cosmetics? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely visit this new website we have created for our client – the Makeup Lovers! Our client specializes in organizing the largest annual makeup events and masterclasses across Europe, bringing together makeup fanatics with the world’s most renowned MUA’s under the same roof. We are thankful for the opportunity to create this custom solution for the market, where visual representation of the brand plays such an important role.



News Website is a review portal for mobile phones and other electronic devices. This platform provides its visitors with the tech world’s news, opinions, reviews, tips, and most importantly – price comparison of various products from different suppliers. The main purpose of this platform is to help its visitors find the gadgets they are interested in at the best prices from their suppliers.



Static Website

It was our pleasure to work with BRG (Baltic Recycling Group) – a team of environmental protection experts, who help businesses adhere to the new regulations and complete their environmental duties in the most efficient way. We are very glad that we had an opportunity to participate in this company’s re-branding and indirectly contribute to saving our beloved Planet.



Static Website

Horsyn is a team of horse industry experts, providing branding, marketing, digital solutions, and strategy consulting for those willing to operate in the equine market. This stunning website with its bespoke design highlights both our and our clients’ values - quality over quantity and attention to details.



Dynamic Web Application

(Login, registration and CMS) Artisfact is a global online marketplace, which is focused on creating an online space for Art Registration, Monetization, and Virtual Exhibition. Artisfact aims to tackle the greatest challenges of the industry: underrepresentation, forgery, intransparency and insider deals, all of which are unfair practices that only the top few players benefit from.


3rio Pica

Static Website

This newly opened pizza spot in Vilnius from now not only serves delicious pizzas, but also has one of the most unique websites among all pizzerias in Lithuania!



Mobile Application

Absurdo is the name of an interactive exhibition organized by the Museum of Illusions, located in Vilnius, Lithuania. It brings its visitors to a unique world filled with the strangest devices, one of which is this mobile application created specifically for this exhibition. We can now proudly say that one of our IT solutions is an official exhibit at the Museum!



Static Website

Let us introduce you to one of our developer’s Aivaras Ažukaitis personal portfolio - a simple, yet eye-catching, modern, and uniquely designed informational website.



E-commerce Website

Passportology is a full service, one-stop travel agency, which specializes in US Passports, Travel Visas, Document Legalization, and other document expediting. Thanks to our team, you can now plan and book your holidays using this extremely user-friendly website.

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